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As a professional theater person, I've penned theatrical pieces for all ages, and served as resident playwright for various Bay Area schools, since 1994.

My first novel, Frankie in Paris, spent a week as a #1 top selling YA book (James Patterson was #2!). Some of my poetry and short stories have been included in various anthologies and publications. Frankie was rereleased on paperback and Kindle book in September 2021!

I was a winner in Me First Magazine’s short story competition, and my poetry and short stories have been in various publications.

I am excited to announce my speculative fiction novel, Necromancer's Garden, has just been released, and my time-travel SciFi manuscript, Will Travel, will launch in November!

​In addition to retaining a personal blog,
"Some Other Beginning's End", last year I launched "Tweep Tattler", which spotlights writers from the vibrant Twitter writing community.

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The sequel to The Axe's Daughter.

After being summoned to beautiful Santa Cruz, California, Monsieur Mesonges’ Carnival learns one of their kind is in trouble. An ocean rescue is in order, and Lizzie decides she’s going to be the hero.  When not swinging on the trapeze, she’s scouring the boardwalk for clues, hoping to find the mysterious figure on the run from some really bad guys–who just happen to be her relatives.

Lizzie finally has the family she always dreamed of, is the star attraction for an enchanted carnival, and has the best boyfriend ever. Not everybody is happy for her, though–some would like nothing more than to sweep the trapeze safety net from under her feet! 

New Release!

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