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As a professional theater person, I've penned theatrical pieces for all ages, and served as resident playwright for various Bay Area schools, since 1994.

My first novel, Frankie in Paris, spent a week as a #1 top selling YA book (James Patterson was #2!). Some of my poetry and short stories have been included in various anthologies and publications, and I was a winner in Me First Magazine’s short Story competition. My story, Grampy’s Rock, was featured in Chicken Soup For the Soul: Christmas is in the Air!

Late 2021-2022 were exciting, because I was able to release several novels: My speculative fiction novel, Necromancer's Garden, my time-travel SciFi book, Will Travel, and the first two books in my The Axe’s Daughter magical realism series!

In October I forayed into Psychological Horror, releasing my gritty book, The Klein Girls.
I’m currently juggling three manuscripts, while taking care of my family and being distracted by whatever new creative endeavor I feel cowled to attempt! 
I’m always happy to chat about my books!

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“Mother says the barn is filled with The Bad, but it’s one of the only places Viola finds peace. Her memories aren’t her own and it’s almost too much for a nine-year-old to bear. 


Generations had been born on Klein Farm, but as far as Viola can tell, none of their lives had been happy — and some of them ended in violence, including her own.”

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New Release!

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